Cast your vote for the 2017 Blues Music Awards!

As a member of The Blues Foundation, we have a vote on this year's Blues Music Awards Nominees. So we figured, let's have some fun with it and open it up to our listeners! Check out this survey we put together, and vote on who you think deserves the … [Read More...]

What’s New for January and 2017?

Hi, everybody! We've got some exciting stuff going on this month that I'd like to share with you - some little, some big, but all of it awesome! For the nerds reading today (of which I am one), consider this your monthly patch notes. And for … [Read More...]

What’s going on with the station?! (December Update)

Hi Everyone! Thanks to all of the support we’ve received from you and our sponsors, we’re able to do some upgrades AND we’re going to be moving into our brand new studio very soon! So as we make these moves, there may be some transmission interruptions. You may have noticed some problems with the over-the-air […]

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