New show! Off the Mat: Fantasy Wrestling

If you’ve ever had one of those fun conversations about who would beat who if they were both in their prime, then this is your show. It’s called Off the Mat: What If Wrestling, and it’s hosted by Joker and Big Dogg – a couple of local wrestling fanatics! They discuss just that, and they want you to get in on the conversation, too! Drop them an e-mail to and let ’em know what YOU think! Disagree? Let ’em know! (Just… don’t get TOO mad. This is just wrestling, folks…)

And as always, blues fans, don’t worry. WDIF-LP is always going to be a blues station first! This show perfectly fills that gap right between the NWA Midwest Wrestling Radio Show and The Listener Playlist Hour. We love the chance to give local folks a chance to have a radio show. Because how fun is that?! If you’ve got an idea, let’s talk! If it works, then let’s do it!

Give it a listen. Have some fun. Wednesdays at 6:30pm, right after the NWA Midwest Wrestling Radio Show at 6:00pm.