Second Shift w/ Spencer & Jordan

This is what happens when two bozos get a radio station and think they’re respectable journalists… Oh wait, wrong show….

Get your daily dose of ridiculousness from Spencer Phelps and Radio Star Jordan Starr (with 2 R’s) as they help you laugh your way through the afternoon! They don’t take a whole lot seriously, and for a couple of hours each day, we invite you to not to… not to take…. wait… (double negatives… carry the 4…)
There’s only one rule: No Politics!

Whether you’re picking up the kids from school, heading to work, or heading home, Second Shift is the place to hear what’s happening in Marion. They have local guests, (whom they force at metaphorical gunpoint to play silly games with them), wacky news, local weather, and who knows what else!

If you have a funny story, have an interesting profession (you’d be surprised by what we find interesting), or work for a local organization, we would love to have you on the program to chat and play games with us! Please e-mail us at or message us on Facebook! We’d love to hear from you!

Upcoming Special Guests

MON 5/29:
We’re taking the day off for Memorial Day!

TUE 5/30:
Phone call w/ blues band Odd Job Millionaires

WED 5/31:
Spencer & Jordan (short show because concert tonight!)

THU 6/1:
Jay Martin w/ NWA Midwest Wrestling

Listen to and download previous shows here:
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Thu 5/25: [PLAY] [Fire Inspector Mike Makowski & Penny Roulette!]
Wed 5/24: [Short Show w/ just Spencer. Didn’t record.]
Tue 5/23: [PLAY] [Hanging w/ Silky Ray]
Mon 5/22: [PLAY] [Phone call w/ Dock Adams (Blues Hammer)]

Thu 5/18: [PLAY] [The first round of Penny Roulette!]
Wed 5/17: [PLAY] [Short Show w/ Spencer & Jordan]
Tue 5/16: [PLAY] [Phone call w/ Anna & The Consequences]
Mon 5/15: [PLAY] [Spencer’s Mom]