2 Years of Blues Music in Marion!

April 1st is WDIF-LP’s 2-year anniversary as a blues station!!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

What a crazy ride this has been. #1 LP station in Marion since the day we switched it on. We’ve been able to demonstrate consistently that a charity radio station can work when it’s done honestly and respectfully (oh and the awesome music probably helps, too).

…all while having a full-time day job. Just imagine what we could do if Mr. Station Manager could do this full time…

Thank you Justin Poff, Kenny IGrihine Hensley, Emma Olivia Sedam, Celia Villagran, Mathew Hughes Timmy Martin, Deacon Bill, Dad, Jordan, and everyone else who has run shows and helped out in one way or another.

Special thanks to folks who have helped us along the way like Brian Jester, Brandy Gatrell, Mike Crider, Jonathan Aiken & his dad, the folks over at iHeart.

If I forgot your name, my apologies. No malicious intent. Just scatter-brained.

Thank you to all of our current sponsors. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.
Marion Community Credit Union
Carroll’s Jewelers
Fuzzys Flowers
Wolfpak Martial Arts
Arbet Staffing
Tackett’s Southern Bar-B-Que
Peltier Chiropractic
Schrader Computer
Shirts N Stuff
Jacks Resale Shop
Fresco Cuts Barbershop
Cheap Chic Marion
Scioto Shoe Mart, Marion
Rockys Cyclery and Fitness
Doyles Auto Repair
The Loft Entertainment
Sam’s Sanitation
Dino’s Pizza
Peacock Water
Cool Kids Resale
Zucker & Assoc. Ins. Agency, Inc.
Boyd-Born Funeral Home
U.S. Gold Jewelers (gonna help them get a FB page going)

And thank you to our past sponsors who believed in us in the very beginning like:
Sunray Auto Detailing
Dave’s Painting
Crafters Coop
Spokes mobile repair
Shoe Sensation
& More!

And a very, very special thank you to the one and only Silky Ray Macklin. Our blues angel. What an amazing person. Any description I pass along here wouldn’t do him justice. He’s given this station such great personality. He’s really ramped up the positivity we try to send out everyday. And just the knowledge and wisdom he has to share… my goodness. It’s tough to get stuff done sometimes when Ray’s around, because I just want to listen to what he has to say!

But the special-est (I just made that word up) thank you goes to YOU, our listeners. We definitely wouldn’t be here without you. What’s the point in even having a radio station if no one’s listening, right?

My friends thought I was crazy to start a blues music station in Marion, but I knew it would work because I knew there are people within earshot who appreciate good, REAL music. Marion’s full of genuine, hard-working, friendly people who appreciate (for lack of a better word) realness. When the chips are down, and it seems like we can’t pull this plane up higher than tree level, just knowing there are folks out there expecting to hear some awesome blues music everyday makes it all worthwhile. That’s my paycheck. (…although a real one would be nice someday… ~*cough*~ )

Anyway. Thank you everyone for everything you’ve done to help keep the blues alive in Marion! Whether you’re a sponsor, a supporter, a volunteer, or you just dig the music, thank you. Here’s to many more years of the blues!