In the Year 2018

We need to raise $14,000 in 2018 for our minimum expenses.
That’s rent, radio, utilities, licensing, insurance, etc.
And that does NOT include personal salaries.
If we can raise this amount, we’re set for 2018!


“You want to talk about 2018 already?!”

We know there’s plenty of 2017 left to experience, but we always have to be looking to the future. What’s going on with WDIF-LP in the next year?

  • We’ll be having the 2nd Annual Great Marion Pizza Challenge at an improved location (possibly the Veterans Coliseum) with more vendors, more access, and better accommodations! Look for this to happen in February
  • Another Blues Concert & Jam Series in the Spring!
  • The THIRD Annual Blues & BBQ Festival – bigger than ever – Probably around September 29, 2018
  • Improved blues playlist – adding more music to maintain a fresher playlist!
  • More kids receive music lessons! We’re hoping to raise enough money to provide music lessons for at least a dozen kids in Marion County! Check out our website for more details.

If you’re a local business looking to increase your branding in Marion, you can get your name in front of THOUSANDS of local blues fans (ask us for the data) with the best deal in radio! For only $1,400, you will be on the radio twice a day every day ALL YEAR LONG!

What are we going to do after we hit our goal? We plan on investing in our public events to make them as awesome as possible AND setting money aside for our free music lesson program! Then, and only then, maybe the station manager will give himself a paycheck…

So call us today, lock it in, and have 2018 in the bag with the hottest LP in town!
Or send us a personal donation via the PayPal link on our front page.
When we hit $14,000, then the fun can really begin!