Blues Crew Success Stories

On Thursday July 21, 2016, our Blues Crew program got its first two success stories!

Kendra and Jourdan Paluscsak help us clean the downtown parking lot area to prepare for Downtown Marion’s 3rd Thursday celebration in the evening! It was a grueling, hot day without a cloud in the sky, but these gals and their folks buckled down and got the job done! Now everyone at the 3rd Thursday event will have a beautiful, clean area to party in!


Then when we got done bustin’ our rumps, we went over to Musician’s 1 Stop on the corner of Church and Main and picked out some instruments to rent! Kendra got a violin, and Jourdan got a Trumpet! We also gave them some snazzy certificates to commemorate the experience.


So thank you so much Paluscsak Family for joining us on this clean up project! We hope the gals enjoy their instruments and learn to play! Here’s hoping we can follow up after a while and see how they’re doing! This was a lot of fun (and some hard work). We can’t wait till we’ve raised enough money to do this again and on a larger scale!

Also, thank you WDIF-LP sponsors for partnering with us! We couldn’t have done this without you! This really is a cool thing you’re helping us accomplish for Marion. Everyone reading this – say hello to our sponsors and thank ’em for making this possible, please!