WDIF Traveled in Time!

We were at the Time Traveler’s Faire put on by the Marion County Historical Society at Tri-Rivers in Marion on April 21st. Thank you Mr. Schwaderer for the pictures! We put on a little presentation about the father of blues music, W.C. Handy, for the folks at the main stage. Then we were rockin’ the […]

New Summer Radio Line-Up!

Starting Sunday May 13th, new shows are coming to WDIF-LP and we’re switching some stuff up! SUNDAY becomes SUPER BLUES NIGHT! 4:00pm – 2-hour blues DJ show [Name TBD] 6:00pm – Gospel Blues w/ Brother Bill Kenton 7:00pm – Top 10 Blues – Current chart toppers! 8:00pm – Blues Plate Specials – including performances from […]

2 Years of Blues Music in Marion!

April 1st is WDIF-LP’s 2-year anniversary as a blues station!!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! What a crazy ride this has been. #1 LP station in Marion since the day we switched it on. We’ve been able to demonstrate consistently that a charity radio station can work when it’s done honestly and respectfully (oh and the awesome music […]

Get Our App!

Introducing the new WDIF-LP exclusive Android App! It ain’t much, but it’ll get the job done! Get all of our news, info, and fun in one convenient location – your smartphone! GET THE WDIF-LP APP HERE! Browse our Facebook page for tons of updates Check a playlist of the last 10 songs Use that playlist […]

Silky Ray is Teaching the Blues

From The Marion Star on Sunday, February 25, 2018: MARION –  Born from the tradition of African spirituals and influenced by American folk and country music, the power of the blues hit its peak during in the 1960s, as millions of Americans fought for equality. For many involved with the Civil Rights movement, the blues told the story of life’s difficulties […]

Coming Soon: Expanded Playlist

WDIF-LP is about to take you down the rabbit hole of the blues! We’re going to be expanding each artist’s musical libraries to include B-sides and deep tracks that you may never have heard before! This also includes more deeper tracks in our Legacy Blues Hour, as well! Plus we’re adding new music from regional […]

New Thursday Schedule Coming in 2018

Our specialty programming is changing a bit in Mid-January 2018.   We’re discontinuing Second Shift in the afternoons for a while so Spencer can go back to work building the station and producing new content! Time Out Sports w/ Justin Poff will be moving to Thursdays at 4:00pm. It will be a 90-minute show, so […]

Special Presentation: The Marionaires!

The Marionaires are a men’s choir that does barbershop quartets and other full-choir performances. And they’re always looking for new members! Get a hold of them on their website: www.marionaires.com They stopped by our studio (just about all 50 of ’em) on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 for a special live performance! Thank you to everyone […]

Watch Our Live Shows on Facebook!

I swear if we hear one more “face for radio” joke…  😛 Watch your favorite WDIF-LP live shows on Facebook and catch some special behind the scenes info and special moments before and after the shows! Second Shift, Grihine Time Radio, Time Out, and other special events in the studio will all be available to […]

Grihine Time Radio – Local Music Spotlight

GRIHINE TIME RADIO W/ HENNESSY – MARION AND OHIO’S LOCAL MUSIC SPOTLIGHT 6:00PM THURSDAYS! It’s time that Marion and regional musicians had a voice on local radio, and our man Hennessy is making that happen! We’re playing the best local music, giving local artists a proper salute, and getting that local flavor out over the […]