Classic Blues Hour + Massive Playlist Update

We’ve updated our master blues playlist with 360 new blues tunes! They’re new in the sense that they’re new to us. This playlist update includes classics that we forgot to include, new stuff from established artists, and new stuff from Ohio artists. Plus we’ve moved the really, really old blues music to its own show. That way the overall playlist is a wee bit more homogenized. FYI: You’re still going to hear old and/or acoustic songs throughout the day, just not the old crackly recordings.

The Legacy Hour will air every day at 5:00 am & pm!
(except Friday since that’s when the sports show airs)

We’ve moved all of the pre-electric classics to their own time slot!  For one hour everyday, experience the very beginning of the blues music genre with classic tunes from a time before they figured out how to plug their guitar into a wall socket (or before they even HAD wall sockets)! Relive the magic of the first generation of blues with the grandfathers and grandmothers of the blues every day at 5am and 5pm!


Including the classics and Christmas tunes, we now have over 2,500 unique blues tracks on this station! And we’re STILL looking to expand!

We’ve activated a feature on our playlist program that makes it so you will not hear the same track within the same 48 hours! You’ll still hear covers of a certain tune and more from the same artist, but not the same exact track. It’s all in an effort to keep our music as fresh as possible!