Listener Playlist Hour

blues-guitarHey blues fans! We’d love to have YOU program our blues playlists for an hour in a new special project we’re starting called Listener Playlists! Here’s how it works:

Send your name and a list of 12-15 of your favorite blues songs to our email: Or you can use our contact page on this site or send a private message to us on Facebook. Your song list doesn’t all have to be exact blues songs, either. You know how some music can skirt the line or maybe just be in the ballpark with the blues? That’s cool with us! If we don’t have the song, we’ll do our best to find it! Please don’t send us the actual song files, though. We don’t want to get busted for piracy or anything… lol

Then once we have about a dozen of these playlists from folks like you, we’ll start playing them every Wednesday at 7:00pm! We’ll also let you know when your playlist is playing so you can tell your friends and fam to tune in! And when we get more, we’ll start doing an 8:00pm show too so you don’t have to wait 6 months to hear yours. LOL

WDIF Listener Playlist Hour! Brought to you by… well… you!

Current Schedule (All Wednesdays at 7:00pm):

8/31 – Lee Horton
9/7 – Sophie Smith (NEW)
9/14- Jason Winkle
9/21 – Julia Jones
9/28 – Russell Buck Emans
– Guy Schlichting
10/12 – Derek Mullins