Midwest Championship Wrestling

Wrestling on the radio?! Ohhhhhhh yeah!

Marion’s own Midwest Championship Wrestling is on WDIF-LP with a weekly radio program with host Aaron Hurt! It can be heard every Thursday at 9:00pm.

Expect to hear some awesome interviews with MCW superstars, fun commentary, and some of the best slams in and out of the ring. Each show will also catch you up on “who’s who” and “who hates who” so you’re fully prepared to rock out at the next live event in Marion!

Now you might think, “blues and wrasslin’ don’t go together.” The reason we’re airing this show and partnering with MCW (other than we think it’s super fun) is because this is for Marion. This is Marion entertainment, and we want to get everyone pumped up and excited for it! Imagine having our very own professional, high-flying wrestling organization here close by! This isn’t your backyard, bloody, dirty, swearing wrasslin’. This is the good stuff. We think it’s worthy of your attention. So give ‘er a listen! Get into it! Come to a live show! We enjoy the heck out of it, and we hope you do, too!

Tune in every Thursday at 9:00pm for the Midwest Championship Wrestling Radio Show!

Learn more at their Facebook page!