What’s going on with the station?! (December Update)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all of the support we’ve received from you and our sponsors, we’re able to do some upgrades AND we’re going to be moving into our brand new studio very soon!

So as we make these moves, there may be some transmission interruptions. You may have noticed some problems with the over-the-air sound quality. Right now, we’re waiting to get a big cable at the tower replaced. Guess it got some water in it and damaged it. Should be back up to full quality very very soon. AND we might be able to crank the power up a bit! According to my calculations, we’ve been under-powered a bit. Going to make sure we’re all legal and everything, of course, but I do believe there’s some room for signal improvement!

We’re switching the online streaming service to a better one that doesn’t have all sorts of virus-riddle ads on it, too! One of the benefits of that is we’ll be able to have an actual playlist on our site so you can see what’s playing! Finally, right?!

We have big plans for 2017. First and foremost we’re going to be launch a couple of morning shows – live form our new downtown studios! We will highlight the fun, positive, and interesting things going on in Marion while playing some beautiful music and having some laughs. Plus we’ll be able to do more live events around town like live remotes from sponsors, area sports, and more!

Plus we’re going to be implementing a “sophistication upgrade” to give WDIF-LP a more smooth, cool look.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone up to date with all the behind the scenes happenings as we gear up to explode in 2017! Thank you everyone who has supported us. We’re going to make ya’ proud! 😉



Spencer Phelps
Station Manager