Now Reporting to Roots Music Reports

After a glitchy start, we’re finally reporting our music to Roots Music Reports! That means the blues music being played in Marion, Ohio is affecting the charts and listening data for the entire genre of blues!

Now you might think, “So what? Every radio station does that.” That’s true, but check this out: There are about 2,000 country music radio stations in the US of A, for example. So each station on its own doesn’t contribute a whole lot to the rankings.

But there are only about A DOZEN blues radio stations (only 2 pure blues stations including us).

So that means Marion is now a force to be reckoned with and recognized in the blues music scene!

And YOU can help! If you listen to this station, YOU are officially a blues music taste-maker!

You know the playlist on the right side of our web page and our Android app that shows the last 10 songs played? You can rate the songs on there. We monitor that and weed out the songs that are not trending well. If there are some tunes that are doing really well, we can give them more “spins,” which we then report, and those artists/albums do better!

And of course, tune in to Toppatha Charts every Friday @ 1pm and Sunday @ 7pm to hear a tune off each of the top 10 blues albums of the week!