Our Fundraiser Was a Huge Success!

mccuWow. Just wow. Our fundraiser at Nathan’s Barbershop was just… wow. Including personal donations, we raised over $3,000 to keep us rocking into 2017! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to everyone who stopped out, who was on the air with me, to those who sponsor the station, and to you listening at home. Thank you especially to the Marion Community Credit Union for their sponsorship!!

Sure we didn’t meet the $18k goal I had originally set, but honestly, I think I was biting off more than I could chew again. Either way, you know what they say: “Shoot for the moon, and you’ll at least end up in the clouds!” We sure did! I’m squirreling away the cash donations we received EXCLUSIVELY for The Blues Crew program! So there’s an extra $500 just for the kids!!

I didn’t realize how 48 hours without sleep would affect me. I felt physically good the whole time, just a little spacey. I didn’t expect it to affect my mood/emotions the way it did. I apologize for getting down there around 3-5am on Thursday. Phew, that coffee really perked me back up! And I think that kind of proves the addicting qualities of caffeine. Maybe I should start weening myself off…

I don’t know if you believe in this stuff or not, but I really feel we were sent a blues angel, a gift, something during this event. An angel named Silky Ray. What a phenomenal man. He’s given us some amazing records of some foundational (if that’s even a word) blues music that we’ll be adding to our playlist ASAP!

Coming soon: We are implementing what I like to call a “sophistication upgrade” in 2017. I like to kid around, and if you know me, I have a kind of quirky sense of humor that I’ve injected into the station so far. But I think it’s time for WDIF to stop being the silly dude in the back of the class and to get in front and lead. This is the radio station that is going to lead Marion into a world of sheer awesomeness.

I forgot to mention this on air, but Radio Star Jordan Starr donated some money in the living memory of Rick Lothes. RIP Rick. Here is a picture of Jordan wrestling the money from Rick’s cold, dead hands.


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