WDIF to Promote Local Live Music!

(The OK Cafe)

If you want to know what live local bands are playing in Marion this month, tune in to WDIF-LP 97.5 FM everyday at 3:00pm and 5:00pm for our new “Live Marion Music Calendar!” We will be announcing all of the local and regional bands that are playing in Marion that we know about!**

** Now this is where you come in, local bands. If you’ve got a gig coming up, tell us! Either send time, date, location, etc. on our Contact Us page here or send it all in an e-mail to music@975wdif.com or even just message us on Facebook. We need to know at least a full month in advance to allow the message to get out to everyone thoroughly. Then every week, we will update our Live Marion Music Calendar on the air.

This is a free service to bands playing in Marion! You don’t have to be blues or even really established. Now we’re not going to promote Billy playing guitar over at his bro’s house, but if you’re a band with a paid gig, we want to help get your name out to everyone in our listening area! Please contact us, and we will push your live music event! Only catch is it has to be somewhere in Marion County. If you’re playing in Bucyrus, good luck to ya. 😉

This service is brought to you by WDIF-LP, Hometown Talent, and Music Entertainment, Marion, OH!