The “48 for 18” Radio Marathon!

Check back here for more info on scheduled interviews and performances!!

(From our press release, altered a bit for the site)

nathansIn an attempt to raise enough money to keep them on the air for all of 2017, the manager of WDIF-LP 97.5 FM is going to broadcast live downtown at Nathan’s Barbershop on the corner of Prospect and Center Street for 48 hours straight starting Tuesday November 1st at 5:00pm. We’re calling it “The 48 for 18 Radio-thon!” We need to raise $18,000 to ensure that we can continue to operate through the end of 2017.

Station manager Spencer Phelps explains how the money will be spent. “If we meet our goal, it will pay for the hardware expenses so we can broadcast until at least the end of next year. None of the money will go to anyone’s salary. Heck, I haven’t even earned a single dollar since I took over, but that’s okay because I love this station and what we’re doing with it.”

Since becoming manager, Mr. Phelps has put in place three goals for WDIF-LP: to keep the magic of blues music alive in Ohio, to provide free musical instrument rentals to disadvantaged children who live in Marion County via their “Blues Crew” program, and to help revitalize the live music scene in Marion by providing free promotional services to artists. He hopes this live downtown 48-hour event will get people engaged in what the station is doing for Marion.

“I’m doing the ‘48 for 28 Radio-thon’ to demonstrate my commitment to this cause and to all the folks who have contacted me just to say how thrilled they were to find us. According to my data, we’ve become by far the most popular low-power station in Marion in only six months!”

“We’re going to have live performances, guests, and all sorts of craziness to help raise money for the station and to help keep me awake!”

Please visit our GoFundMe page to donate!