The Blues Crew!

kidsplayingWDIF-LP is a community project owned by the US Open, and we care about music – hearing music, playing music, and learning music. That’s why we have started the WDIF Blues Crew project! Through various volunteer projects around our county, children in Marion will have an opportunity to earn their way to free music instrument rentals so they’ll be able to participate in our schools’ music programs!

We’re looking for families who:

  • Would like to see their children get into music
  • Live in Marion County
  • Have children between the ages of 6-13 who go to Marion city/county schools
  • Have a maximum household income of $75,000 a year

We understand every family situation is unique, so these numbers are just guidelines. If accepted into the program (don’t worry, it’s easy), your kids will become part of The Blues Crew and get a free T-shirt! Each member must attend at least one clean-up or other scheduled activities while in the program. Once completed, each participant will receive a commemorative framed certificate and a voucher for three months worth of free instrument rentals from Musician’s One Stop in Marion!

How do you apply? Easy! Just use the CONTACT US form on this site or send an e-mail with contact info to and say, “Hey! We’d like to join!”



Feel free to rent any instrument you want! Please keep a couple things in mind: You are responsible for the instrument once you take possession. Instruments lost, stolen, or otherwise while being rented are YOUR responsibility and NOT the responsibility of WDIF-LP nor Musician’s One Stop. Some musical instruments require a quick credit check by the parent/guardian in order to initiate rental.