What’s New for January and 2017?

Hi, everybody!

We’ve got some exciting stuff going on this month that I’d like to share with you – some little, some big, but all of it awesome!

For the nerds reading today (of which I am one), consider this your monthly patch notes. And for the older folks reading this, that will make absolutely no sense. Either way, here’s what’s new with the station in January!

WDIF-LP version 17.01.05 Patch Notes

  • Shout Outs!
    Work sucks. We get it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone out there recognized you for what you do everyday? So a few times per day, we’re giving shout outs to various people in Marion! If you’ve got an idea for one, please e-mail us at info@975wdif.com of message us on our Facebook page.


  • Live Music in Marion
    We’ve got a few live music events coming up in Marion in January. We haven’t forgotten about our mission to give free promotion to bands playing in Marion. We just haven’t had many takers yet. So check out the Musical Community Calendar everyday at 3pm & 5 pm.


  • New Studio!
    We’ve moving into our new studio this month! It’s located at 196 S. Main St., Suite 301 in downtown Marion. I’m hoping we’re going to be all settled by January 20th, which leads me to our next event:


  • Ribbon Cutting and Open House!
    We plan on having our ribbon cutting and open house with the Chamber of Commerce on Friday, January 27th at 4:30pm! Come over, check out the new digs, say hello, and have some kwee-doo-tay (some French word for luke warm carrots, I think)!


  • Live Blues Music and Live Broadcast at Ques Brothers BBQ
    We’re going to be broadcasting live from Ques Brothers BBQ on Saturday, January 28th. We’ll be live at 7:00pm, and the live blues music with Rock Boals and the Soals will start at 8:00pm! We’ll be giving away door prizes and just generally rocking out. There’s no cover charge, and there’s some amazing BBQ to be had. Come see us!


  • The Great Marion Pizza Challenge!
    Do you like pizza? Do you like LOTS of pizza?! We’re holding an event out at Tri-Rivers on Tuesday, February 7th starting at 5:00pm to crown the very best pizza in Marion! And you get to make the call by tasting all of the best pizza Marion’s pizzerias have to offer! Admission is $5.00 which gets you a ticket good for 2 slices of pizza at every vendor, which could end up being quite a bit of pie. Drinks will be provided by Tri-Rivers (sold separately). Then you get to cast your vote! The top 3 pizza places win free radio announcements plus cool trophies and the rights to say they are the best pizza in Marion as judged by Marion! More info coming soon!

Phew! And that’s just in the first 2 months! There are some more things like live morning shows, local music showcases, etc. that are in the works but I don’t feel comfortable officially announcing yet until we have hard dates.

I’m tellin’ ya. There’s a reason why WDIF-LP is the most popular low-power radio station in Marion. We’re bringing the party and the positivity to Marion! There’s so much going on over here, and we’re just getting warmed up!

Thanks so much for listening, for donating, and for sponsoring. If you know a small business in Marion that needs a boost, have them give us a call. We’re super cheap yet super effective. (plug plug)

See you soon!!


Spencer Phelps
Station Manager